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The Meteorological Society in Cuba on 21 Anniversary set, is pleased to announce that on days 3 through December 6, 2013 will be held on VII Cuban Congress of Meteorology and the 1st Conference on Latin American and Caribbean Women's participation in Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment. They will be held at the Tryp Habana Libre, Havana. For more information see the call we recommend the event at the following link:



The Cuban Meteorological Society is a nation wide scientific association with it's own personality and wealth. It is comprised of those individuals who develop their activity in field of Meteorology and its related sciences, as well as laymen and those who are fond of this science.

Our Objectives

The membership of the Cuban Meteorological Society witch has more than five hundred affiliates shall consist of:  To become a member of SOMETCUBA call for an application form, and fill out with address of two members references. 

The Cuban Meteorological Society is represented by its local chapters at Camagüey, Ciego de Avila and Matanzas.

The General Assembly is composed by the total of members of SOMETCUBA and gathered at least once every year. Also, the General Assembly serves as highest authority of SOMETCUBA and its agreements shall be of obligatory full-fillments by all members. 

The Directive Board serves as the highest authority between two General Assembly's consecutive meetings. It will be gathered at least once each year

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The Cuban Meteorological Society is located at 23rd and B, Vedado, Havana City, Cuba.
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Sociedad Meteorológica de Cuba 
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