Volume 4 Number 1

January 1998

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Welcome to a new issue of the Bulletin of the Cuban Meteorological Society. 1998, the fourth year of our Bulletin begins and we will try to make them many more. Soon it will star to you the change of platform of the magazine. Our Bulletin had been supported all these years upon the text based Iris system, but now it's coming out on a new format more in agreement with the current times, that is, the age of INTERNET and Web pages. We hope that this move, (apart from neccesary), will increase the ammount of readers of the Bulletin. We will be receptive to any suggestion.

The protagonist of the Interview on this issue is Dr. Tomás Gutierrez, Director of the Institute of Meteorology.

Dr. Gutierrez belongs to the first group of meteorologists graduated after 1959 and he is an specialist of vast experience, pioneer in the use of computers in weather forecasting in Cuba. This interview is a modest approach to his life and work.


We have two Short Contributions, the first one is entitled "Verification of the forecast for 1997 of the Cyclonic activity in the North Atlantic", from Drs. Maritza ballester, Cecilia González and Ramón Pérez. The other is about a very relevant issue nowdays that is focussing the attention of all the world; the ENSO event. It is a paper from Dr. Pedro Cárdenas with a very suggestive title: ENSO EVENT 1997/?.

The Season's Resume is in charge of Drs. José Rubiera, Maritza Ballester and Omar García, to whose professional analisis we are already used and we have three papers: "Chart of danger by tropical cyclones surges", from a group of authors from the Institute of Meteorology; "Design of the dunes for the coastal protection of Marina Hemingway", a work on oceanologic subject, which is becoming a tradition in our Bulletin, and finally a paper from Drs. Pedro Cárdenas and Lino Naranjo: "An empirical index of occurrence of the ENSO, Roll of climatic elements in predictability".

Scientific Conference on Tropical Cyclones "Rodríguez Ramírez in Memorian"
La Habana, Cuba
May 7-9, 1998

From History, this time with an outstanding work from Luis Ramos Guadalupe, a fascinating excursion to what might have been one of the greatest disasters of history, the impact of the meteorite of Tunguska in the Siberian Taiga, on June 1908. Ramos points the meteorologic efects of the disaster and rescues, from the depths of history, a subject that, in this age of dinosaures and meteorites, comes up with a fascinating relevance.

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