Volume 4 Number 2

July 1998

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Our Bulletin has reached, without doubt, it's adult age. From the shy shutters of an electronic review on the Iris platform, it evolved to the Web page format and entered the Internet on it's first number of 1998. This second number of the year will be displayed at two sites. This is a privilege that our publication has earned by itself. All that is left is to keep on growing and the challenge of the Internet well deserves it.

Dr. Mario Rodríguez Ramírez. An approach to his life and work.

Cuban meteorology ought a lot to Dr. Mario Rodríguez Ramírez, an important scientist well known internationally by, among other achievements, his Vorticial Theory about Hurricanes. In the History section, an approach to the life and work of this personality is presented by Lic. Luis Ramos Guadalupe.

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Interview to Dr. Rosendo Álvarez

Dr. Rosendo Álvarez, a physicist, meteorologist and divulger of science, together with Dr. Mario Rodríguez is one of the foundationers of the institution known as "The School" of the Institute of Meteorology, that has risen a great number of specialists along the last thirty years. Rosendo Alvarez is, besides a pedagogue a relevant scientist. Readers will know more about this by reading the interview carried by Lester Alfonso.


We are presenting four papers in this issue, following the line of the later deliveries there are two articles dedicated to oceanographic themes: Coastal management actions for the rehabilitation of the Havana Club beach, from Lic. Raúl Martell and Ernesto Tristá Barrera, both researchers of the Institute of Oceanology of Cuba. The other is a paper of great actuality born out of the colaboration between American and Cuban scientists: Photosynthetic pigment density: an indicator of the nature and intensity of oceanographic processes in the west Great Caribbean. from researchers Sergio Cerdeira Estrada, Nelson Melo González, Roberto Pérez de los Reyes, Ivan Victoria del Rio,y Frank E. Müller-Karger.

 Doctor Marina Sosa Hurtado is a well known specialist in tropical meteorology. This time, in collaboration with Lic. Angela Rodríguez Montejo she brings her Forecasting method for the motion of a tropical wave over the Caribbean Sea that has contributed to the improvement of the meteorology service.

 Doctor Pedro Cárdenas, specialist from the National Climate Center of the Institute of Meteorology is our main specialist on the ENSO event. In the decade of the 90's he has achieved a considerable success in the prediction of this phenomenon, which has focused the attention of both specialists and non specialists due to it's influence in global climate. His contribution is entitled: Role of teleconective indexes and ENSO in rain predictability in Cuba.

 As usual, we also present the 1997-1998 Winter season Analysis, elaborated by Doctors Omar García Concepción and Maritza Ballester, and Lics. Miriam T. Llanes and Ana R. Nuñez, all from the Institute of Meteorology


News and Events, always of interest to Cuban meteorologists and our friends from all over the world.

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