Volume 5 Number 1

January 1999

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palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)The 1998 hurricane season will be sadly remembered by the huge disaster caused by hurricane Mitch in Central America and its tens of thousands of deaths and multi million loses aftermath. Drs. Omar García, José Rubiera and Maritza Ballester, from the Institute of Meteorology expose us the main characteristics of cyclones generated on the Atlantic during 1998 in their Season Resume.

entrev_s.gif (1214 bytes) palomilla.gif (1204 bytes) Our interviewee in this issue is Dr. José Rubiera one of our must widely known meteorologists and a personality within our country. The interview is an approach to his fruitful career.


palomilla.gif (1204 bytes) Dr. Antonio Nuñez Jiménez (1923-1998), is known internationally by his scientific work in the field of Geographical Sciences, especially Espeleology. The necrology, elaborated by Dr. Jesús González Montoto, is a posthumous tribute to such a distinguished personality of Cuban Science.


palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)There are three papers presented, the first, Automated system for suggestion and updating of nautical routes according to meteorological conditions, from Lics. Israel Borrajero and Anneris Calnick. The second, Numerical Convective Cloud Model with Detailed Microphysics, from Lic. Lester Alfonso, and finally, Study of Yearly Temperature Modes Trends at Casablanca Meteorological Station, from Lourdes Alvarez Escudero, Rosendo Alvarez Morales and Israel Borrajero Montejo.

palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)There are also three short communications, Presentation, review and analysis of the national inventory of sources and sinks of green house effects gases of Republic of Cuba, from Lics. Ricardo Manso Jiménez and Antonio Wallo Vázquez, researchers from the Atmospheric Environment Research Center of the Institute of Meteorology, and Verification Of 1998 Forecasting Of The Cyclone Activity For The North Atlantic, from Drs Maritza Ballester Pérez, Cecilia González Pedroso and Ramón Pérez Suárez,  from the Institute of Meteorology, and Estimation of the Fractal dimension of a rainfall time series over a zone relevant to the Agriculture in Havana also from the Institute of Meteorology.

palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)First meteorological instrumental observations made in Havana during the pass of a Tropical Cyclone. In our section From History, Lic Luis Enrique Ramos Guadalupe proposes us, as it has already became usual, a trip to the depths of History. First meteorological instrumental observations made in Havana during the pass of a Tropical Cyclone, a detailed investigation on the first meteorological observations using instruments under a Tropical Cyclone due to Captain Tomás Ugarte, a Spanish navy officer. They were carried out during the "San Agustín" storm in August 1794.

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