Volume 5 Number 2

August 1999

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Welcome to a new issue, volume 5 #2, of the Bulletin of the Cuban Meteorological Society.
With this we arrive to our fifth year and tenth issue. It’s been an intense race we’ve run from the first issues made under DOS and delivered in 5 inches disks to our current site on the Internet. We take advantage of the occasion to express our recognition to those colleagues of us that with so much enthusiasm and endeavor gave birth to it back in 1995.

palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)As it’s already usual, we are introducing here the 1998-1999 Winter Season Resume, developed this time by Ana Rosa Nuñez, Miriam T. Llanes and Dr. Omar García. A detailed analysis is delivered here of cold fronts that affected Cuba on this season as well as tables and comparative data relating to other seasons.

entrev_s.gif (1214 bytes) palomilla.gif (1204 bytes) Dr. Omar García made the Interview on this issue to Dr. Jerry Jarrell, Director of the National Hurricane Center of the United States. There Dr. Jarrell answers a variety of questions ranging from details of his childhood and his entrance in the Weather Service to his views on subjects as relevant as the meteorological culture of the population or the priorities to be considered by young people aspiring to become meteorologists.


palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)There are five contributions on the Papers section, the first from Ida Mitrani and José Luís Pérez, "Application of high resolution model in weather forecasting over Cuban territory, with possibility of tropical cyclone movement prediction", next is "Study of wind permanence at the location of the Juraguá nuclear power plant", from Lourdes Álvarez, Rosendo Álvarez and Israel Borrajero. The third is "A tropical cyclone activity seasonal forecast model on the Atlantic ocean, gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea", by Maritza Ballester, Cecilia González and Ramón Pérez. "The effect of the ENSO index in the variability of meningococic disease series (MD)" follows by Paulo L. Ortiz and Antonio V. Guevara and finally "Two dimensional numerical simulation of convective clouds", by Diana Pozo, Léster Alfonso and José Marín.

palomilla.gif (1204 bytes)The History section brings a very interesting proposal from Lic. Luis Ramos Guadalupe entitled "The shipwreck of the María Herrera. Memories of a disaster", about a wreckage occurred early on 1909, less known than that of the Valbaneras, close to the shores of Havana, but no less dramatic.

There is also present our section of News with information about the V Congress on Disasters to be held at the Havana Convention Center from September 7th to the 12th.

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