Volume 5 Number 2

August 1999

Resume of the 1998-1999 winter season in Cuba


Ana Rosa Nuñez

Instituto de Meteorología

Miriam T. Llanes


Omar García


The winter season in Cuba is also known as the less rainy period, since at this time a significant decrease of precipitation occurs reaching on average only 23% of the annual amount. This precipitation is usually associated to frontal systems affecting the territory, which, in turn, come followed by cold air masses that cause a decrease in temperature. These conditions favor the development of some crops as sugar cane, main agricultural product of the country and others, as potato, an important crop in the cold season.

The main purpose of this work is the analysis of the 1998-1999 winter season in Cuba, occurred under the influence of "La Niña" event. Several authors have reported the occurrence of little active winter seasons when this kind of climatic oscillation is on, while the opposite takes place in the years of the ENSO.

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