Volume  6  Number 1

January 2000

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Welcome to the edition of the volume 6 #1 of the  Bulletin of the Cuban Meteorological Society.


As is already usual, we are introducing here the Analysis of the 1999 Cyclonic Season in the North Atlantic, that in this time has been elaborated by Maritza Ballester, José Rubiera y Omar García. This cyclonic season was active. Analysis of the Cyclonic Season
Interview The interviewee of this issue is the graduate Israel Borrajero Montejo, the current chief editor of the SOMETCUBA bulletin. The interview is about the origin, development of this publication.


The papers section of this issue has 5 works, the first is from engineers  Gustavo Alvarez Mato, Ivan González Valdés, Osmani Hernández Alvarez and  the graduate  René Quevedo Paneque  "Climatology of intense rainfall over the province of Holguín". The second, from Cecilia González Pedroso y Maritza Ballester Pérez is  "Relationship between atmospheric general circulation patterns and cyclone activity on the North Atlantic Ocean". Next is  "Coastal flooding by wind setup at the zone on Batabano gulf under the south wind events influence, with the present and possible middle sea level increase sceneries", by Ida Mitrani Arenal, Isidro Salas García, Maritza Ballester Pérez and  Yunit Juantorena Allen. The fourth is "Tropical cyclones that have affected the provinces of Havana and Havana City", by  Ramón Pérez Suárez, Raymundo Vega González and Miriam Limia Martínez. And finaly from Raymond Snayers and Lourdes Alvarez Escudero "The change-point instability of climatological time-series as alternative to randomness. The example of annual temperature averages 1908-1995 at Casablanca, Cuba".

The Short Contributions section has one work, Verification of 1999 forecasting of the cyclone activity for the North Atlantic Ocean, by  Maritza Ballester Pérez, Cecilia González Pedroso and Ramón Pérez Suárez.  Short contribution
From History Minimum chronology of big nature disasters occurred on Cuba in the XX century, from the graduated Luis Enrique Ramos Guadalupe is the proposal for From History section. In this work is expose  a part of the most notable natural disasters occurred in Cuba during this century.
Our News section of this issue show details about the graduation of the First Edition of the Maestry on Meteorological Sciences, from the Physics Faculty, from Havana University. News
In addiction we have on this issue a new section in response to your requirements, this is called "Records".

Bulletin author: Alejandro Bezanilla
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