Volume  6  Number 1

January 2000

Dear readers:

In view of the great interest on relevant and curious meteorological data revealed on your mail, we have decided to include, starting on this issue, a section of records and means of meteorological variables.

On this first occasion we are delivering the extreme registers of 6 meteorological variables for the Republic of Cuba, supplied by our colleagues from the Center of Climate of the Institute of Meteorology (*). We wish to express our gratitude to them by their collaboration in this and future issues.

Maximun daily teperature 38.6 °C 7 August 1969 Guantanamo, province of Guantanamo  
27 May 1996 Jucarito, province of Granma
Minimum daily temperature 0.6 °C 18 February 1996 Bainoa, province of Habana  
Maximum registered wind speed 77.8 m/s 24 October 1952 Cayo Guano del Este (SW of the province of Cienfuegos, on the Caribbean Sea) Registered under Huricane Fox
Maximum rainfall accumulated over 24 hours 735.1 mm 5 October 1963 Santiago de Cuba, province of  Santiago de Cuba Registered under Huricane Flora
Maximum pressure 1031.8 hPa 5 February 1996 Casablanca, province of Ciudad Habana  
Minimum pressure 932 hPa 19 October 1924 Los Arroyos, Mantua, province of Pinar del Río Unprecedented huricane
917 hPa Steamer "Toledo" severals Kms off the shores of Pinar del Río, on Cuban Sea

These extreme registers were gathered from The National Network of Climatological Stations of the Institute of Meteorology (64 stations). For the maximum pressure only 20 stations were taken into account and the minimum pressure was obtained checking several papers on the passing of tropical hurricanes over Cuba.

(*)We want to thank specially to Dr. Ramón Pérez Suárez, Lic. Yamilis Gimeno Albizu and Raimundo Vega for their assistance.

Bulletin author: Alejandro Bezanilla
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