SOMETCUBA Bulletin Volume  6  Number 2 August  2000
Cuban Meteorological Society
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by Luis Enrique Ramos Guadalupe, Cuban Meteorological Society.

 A historical analysis about the hurricane that hit Cuba on October 7-8, 1870 is presented. Events related to this storm caused one of the greatest natural disasters that have taken place in Cuba in the 19th Century. This hurricane is known as "The Hurricane of Matanzas". The principal damage was caused by the combined action of sustained high winds from northeast to southeast, intensive rainfall and inundation of the lower parts of the city of Matanzas. The overflow of two rivers (San Juan and Yumurí) that cross the city uprooted and carried many houses and floating debris into the bay. Eight hundred lives were lost. Property damage exceeded $12 000 000.

Bulletin Author: Alejandro Bezanilla
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