SOMETCUBA Bulletin Volume  7  Number 1 January  2001
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Welcome to the edition of the Volume 7 #1 of the Bulletin of the Meteorological Society of Cuba. Next we offer a summary of the contents of the new issue.


In the Season's resume section, doctors José Rubiera and Maritza Ballester offer us a detailed summary of the cyclone season of the 2000 in the North Atlantic, graphics and charts of relevant data are included. North Atlantic Hurricane Season
InterviewOn the other hand, in the interview section of this issue the Chief of the National Climate Center, Abel Centella, speaks to us about the antecedents of the study of the climatic change in Cuba, the structure of the National Climate Center and other related topics.


In the Papers section we have Development of a 1961-1990 grid point dataset of monthly temperature and rainfall for Cuba from authors Abel Centella Artola, Lino Naranjo Díaz and Cecilia Fonseca Rivera where the creation of a set of climatic data is described for Cuba, on a grill of points with a resolution of 15 minutes in latitude and longitude. The involved variables are the maximum, minimum and mean temperatures, the day range of the temperature and precipitation. Next we have Radar location of a Remarkable hailstorm in Cuba, from Félix Gamboa Romero, from the Meteorological Center of Camagüey, Cuba, where it is analyzed the sequence of images of the meteorological radar and the synoptic and mesoscale information that characterized a hailstorm occurred in the county of Las Tunas, Cuba, May 10 1999. The following work is entitled Variations and trends of the Atlantic tropical cyclone activity from authors Maritza Ballester Pérez and Cecilia González Pedroso, where variations and tendencies that tropical hurricanes experienced in the North Atlantic during the period 1886 - 1999 are studied. Another article of interest is Influence of meteorological conditions on fire outbreaks in citric fields at "Victoria de Girón" enterprise in Matanzas. Environmental repercussion from authors Nelson Medina Torres and Bárbaro V. Moya of the provincial Meteorological Center of Matanzas, where the most general behavior in the outbreak of fires and its relationship with the meteorological elements is studied in order to improve a Plan of Protection Against Fires. Lastly we have the work Study of the air quality to the east of the Bay of Havana and its influence on human health. Application of a Geographical Information System from authors Antonio Wallo, María Luisa González, Osvaldo Cuesta and Alfredo Roque, where an analysis is carried out, based on the use of a Geographical Information System, of the influence that compounds of sulfur and nitrogen exercise in the incidence of the Sharp Crises of Bronchial Asthma (CAAB) and the Sharp Breathing Infections (IRA), in the East side area of the bay of Havana.
Short contributionsWe also have a short contribution entitled Verification of the cyclone activity forecast on the north Atlantic for the 2000 from Maritza Ballester Pérez and Cecilia González Pedroso of the Center of Forecast of the Institute of Meteorology.
From HistoryThe fixed section From History has a very detailed investigation on the antecedents and the origins of the aerologic soundings in Cuba made by Luis E. Ramos Guadalupe.
In the News section of this issue we offer some details on the National Meteorologycal Service 140th aniversary conmemoration meeting, which also held the delivery of the bianual award of the Meteorological Society "Benito Viñez S. J. "
And finally in the section of Records we have data of interest on the " south ", the strong winds of south region that affect to our country in the winter season.

Bulletin Author: Alejandro Bezanilla
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