SOMETCUBA Bulletin Volume  7  Number 1 January  2001
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In charge of Lourdes Alvarez

Welcome to our section of records. In this occasion we will refer to the most relevant facts about the " south ", thanks to the assistance of Dr. Maritza Ballester Pérez, our top specialist in the matter, from the Forecast Center at the Institute of Meteorology.


" South " is defined as the wind of south region with speed superior to 35 km/h during 3 hours or more. When the wind goes beyond the 55 km/h level it is named a strong south.
Remarkable records
Winter season with highest frequency of south 1997 - 1998 with 18 cases
Month with more frequency od south March (2 cases as average)
Year with more intense and persistent south 1947
More intense and more persistent south March 18 - 20 1924
Maximun gust 122 Km/h  March 16 1983
Month with more frequency of gust above 100 Km/h February 1998: day 2 with 114Km/h, day 15 with 
105 Km/h, and day 16 with 116 Km/h 

These records were elaborated from the data of the station Casablanca in the period that embraces the winter seasons from 1918 - 1919 to that of 1999 - 2000.

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