SOMETCUBA Bulletin Volume  7  Number 2 August  2001
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By Lourdes Alvarez.

Welcome once more to the RECORDS section, this time we are dealing with tropical cyclones that have affected our country. All the information that we are publishing here has been supplied by Ramón Pérez PHd, specialist from the Centre of Climate of the Institute of Meteorology, for whom we express our gratefulness.

Description of the phenomenon



The two most intense hurricanes that have affected Cuba.

The storm of San Francisco de Borja (category 5)



Unprecedented Hurricane (category 5)


West end of province Pinar del Río

Maximum gust registered at the pass of a hurricane over Cuba

280 km/h, produced by Hurricane Fox


Key Guano del Este, Cienfuegos

Minimum pressure measured at the pass of a hurricane over Cuba

916 hPa, produced by the hurricane of October 1846



Most disastrous hurricanes that have affected Cuba (by death toll). They are listed in chronological order.

Storm of Barreto, Category 1, about 3000 death, mainly by flooding



Hurricane of San Marcos, Category 3, about 800 death, mainly by flooding

7-9/ October/1870


The Hurricane of 1926, Category 4, About 600 death, due to several causes such as the strong winds, the heavy rain and the surge.

19 -20/ October /1926


The Hurricane of Santa Cruz del Sur, category 4, about 3500 death, mainly due to the storm surge

9/ November/ 1932


Hurricanr Flora, Category 2, About 2000 death due mainly to flooding

4 - 8/ October /1963

Former Province of Oriente

Province most affected by the pass of tropical hurricanes

In the first place, Pinar del Río, followed by the Island of Youth, Havana and the City of Havana, in that order.



Month with most affectations of tropical cyclones over Cuba

October, followed by September



In further issues we will offer more records related to Tropical Cyclones, If you want some more information on the subject, we invite you to visit in our section on papers, the one entitled “The most intense and disastrous hurricanes in Cuba in the last two centuries” by Ramón Pérez Suárez, Raymundo Vega González and Miriam Limia Martínez.

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