SOMETCUBA Bulletin Volume  8  Number 1 August  2002
Cuban Meteorological Society
CoverCoverNorth Atlantic cyclone season resume

In this issue ...

Welcome to the first edition of the volume 8 of the Bulletin of the Cuban Meteorological Society. In this edition we present some of the habitual fixed sections.
In the Season's resume section Maritza Ballester and José Rubiera offer us a detailed summary of the cyclone season of 2001 in the North Atlantic. North Atlantic cyclone season resume
In the papers section we have two articles. Method of data extension forecast for the initial suggestion of the optimal nautical routes according to the meteorological conditions, from R. Izquierdo and the graduates Anneris Calnick, Israel Borrajero y G. Mackintoch. And Determination of the atmospheric aerosol optical activity, from A. Leyva Contreras, A. Muhlia Velázquez, L. S. Ivlev and J. C. Peláez Chávez.
In this issue we have a short contribution entitled Verification of the cyclone activity forecast on the North Atlantic for 2001 from Maritza Ballester, Cecilia Gonzales and Ramón Pérez Short Contribution
In the news section we have details about the First Workshop "Physics in Meteorology".

Bulletin Author: Alejandro Bezanilla
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CoverCoverNorth Atlantic cyclone season resume